xPortfolio: Managed Brokerage Accounts

Download app, create or connect your brokerage account, let our Team of Professional Portfolio Managers do the rest.


If you do all your own investing that’s awesome! But sometimes it’s good to have a low cost, professional, human who you can lean on. xPortfolio is the happy medium between DIY investing and hiring an expensive Advisor.

After we figure out what kind of investor you are and what you’d like to accomplish, we’ll allocate your account to one or more of our finely tuned portfolios.

We like to keep our Clients well informed about their investments, even educate, so periodically we’ll send out notifications about what we’re buying and selling for you, any news related to the companies you own, and because we’re a Team of real people behind this awesome technology we’ll be instantly available over messenger to answers all your questions and give you our opinions on the broad market. No robots.


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